Animals are Sentient Beings

In the short paragraph “About the Author” one accomplishment mentioned is that I taught classes in Intuitive Communication.  I did more than teach, I worked as a professional communicator specializing in medical and psychological communication for people…and animals.  My clients have included doctors, veterinarians, animal rescue workers, and animal welfare agencies and charities.  I do not charge for these services and I no longer do this for the general public.  It became overwhelming.

Over the course of the past decades, I learned repeatedly what every animal lover and every child born on the planet knows instinctively:  animals are cognitive, sentient beings, whose intelligence is ridiculously underrated and whose concept of life often puts ours to shame.  Yes, animals can tell us what toys and foods they like, where it hurts, and why they miss a lost companion, but they can and do communicate so much more. For years they have been trying to tell us that we are needed, that humanity is here with a job to do.  They know we are supposed to be Stewards and they are trying very, very hard to tell us.

We, as people, tend to settle for surface responses, reasons, and stimuli.  Open your hearts and minds and listen a little more carefully.  The animals we rescue, we love, and with whom we share our lives are trying to tell us something much more profound.