Are you one of the caretakers of the Earth?

Stewards are the caretakers of the Earth.  How can you tell if you are a Steward?  One of the first ways is to listen to that voice inside which has always told you that you are here for a purpose.  In the book,  Johnny Outlander, Bryn Evan tells Johnny, “There are many people who do know something, harboring in their hearts the torch they were born to carry, but don’t know exactly what this means.”  If you have felt you had a greater purpose in life, beyond career, possessions and material gains, you are probably a caretaker of our planet, a Steward.

If you love animals, you are probably a Steward.  As Bryn tells Johnny, “An amazing percentage of people who work with animals, who rescue them are really Stewards, but they don’t know it. The animals try to tell them, the Universe tries to enlighten them, but their purpose has largely been lost in history.”  She goes on to say, “But the animals still know; the animals have always recognized the Stewards.  And through the centuries, the animals all knew and passed down the legend…”

Are animals sentient beings? Yes.

Do they really know that man’s place on Earth is to be the planet’s caretaker, its Steward?  Yes.

Can they and do they try to tell us?  Yes.

How?  I’ll explain that next.