Johnny Outlander — read the adventure!

Johnny Outlander is an adventure which will take you into worlds you have never known.  From an isolated childhood in the concrete and manicured suburbs of Los Angeles, Johnny makes his way north to the other-worldly surroundings of old growth redwood forests.  Here trees so large that Johnny feels “like a lost Lilliputian” hide an untouched world of primal energies, animals who have a great deal to say, and a motley group of people who all have something to hide.

Can you imagine a world where giant redwoods resonate with the energy of the Universe?  Where wolves hold well-earned grudges?  Where crows soar overhead as messengers?  This is a world where instinct rules and where people are not what they seem.

Johnny finds a haven with an unknown and oddly talented grandmother who knows more about him than Johnny knows about himself.   He arrives as a castaway in a strange land, only to find that the animals, the people, and the forest have been waiting for him.

Join Johnny on his journey.  Read the adventure!