What is a Steward?

What is a Steward?  The chances are, if you have read Johnny Outlander and are reading this now, you may feel an affinity with Stewards.  Stewards go way back.  Way, way back.  Back to when man first set foot on Earth.  The theory of Stewards (yes, always with a capital “S”) goes back to the dawn of time. There are so many directions to go with this, but I am sticking here to answering the title question.  What is a Steward?

Stewards are the care-takers of the Earth.  Man is here quite literally to take care of the Earth and all life upon it, not to exploit, consume and destroy it.  It is a sacred duty.  The Legend of Stewards tells us that this is the purpose of man’s original presence on this planet, that Stewarding the Earth is a birthright that we have carried  from antiquity, passed down through millennia of generations.  In time, most of us have forgotten our purpose, our birthright.   We have gone on with our lives, earning our livings, but more and more often working in some capacity with animals, plants and nature — or at least treasuring and appreciating them.  Often animals have bonded with us, showing us insights to life and spirit we may not have seen before.  Quantum physicists listen to the Universe and see a world we all continue to create. As the world becomes more precarious, more people are looking to all life and beginning to listen to the world around them. We know in our hearts that we have a purpose in this world, have something very important to do…but we don’t quite know what it is.  The Legend of Stewards is clear:  we are Stewards.  And as the world devolves in chaos, we begin to remember who we are and why we are here.   For many of us, the term resonates deep in our hearts and psyches.  We are Stewards.