When Animals Know You Are a Steward

In answering a recent comment, it occurred to me that the relationship between Stewards and animals needs explaining.  Our human purpose on this planet is to be its Stewards, basically to care for the Earth itself and all the life upon it.  More specifically, our purpose is NOT to exploit and destroy our Earth, our resources, or the animals and plants that share this planet with us.  We are caretakers, not a raiding scourge.

Over millennia, many of us humans, descendants of the original Stewards, have lost our way, forgotten who we are and why we are here.  Enter the animals.  They know and have always known about the Stewards, and even when we lost our way, they did not.  They have always remembered and the animals have always tried to tell us.  Animals seek out Stewards — they recognize Stewardship in us even when we don’t.  When a person realizes — remembers or accepts — that he or she is a Steward, it is like a beacon light that animals recognize.  Not only do our family pets and animal partners bond more closely and communicate more fully, but all animals try to attract our attention.  They want to be heard and we need to hear them.

If you are a Steward, reading Johnny Outlander may well resonate with you.  You may realize or remember your purpose.  And the animals — all animals — will begin to communicate more clearly.  Animals are far wiser than most give them credit for, and have a great deal to say to us.  Our job is to listen.