The Lost Destiny of the Stewards

In the world of Johnny Outlander, the Legend of the Stewards becomes a reality.   Deep in the redwoods of Northern California, Johnny’s mysterious and peculiarly talented grandmother, Bryn Evan, finally tells him about Stewards:

“If you are to believe the legends, the writings, and of course the animals, it goes back further than you could possibly imagine  — back to when man first walked on Earth.  It was originally our job, as humans, to protect the land, the animals, and all who inhabited this once peaceful blue planet.  We were the Stewards of the Earth.  Unfortunately, some took this to mean we were to possess and exploit the Earth and all that dwelt within.  But the Stewards persevered, often in isolation, even as others came to challenge and overpower them.  The Stewards have always existed, and exist to this day, but the connecting network has been lost in time.  Most of us don’t know it, don’t know this is our heritage.  There is a disconnected world of Stewards out there.”

To truly understand Johnny’s journey from neglected child to Steward, one must travel with him into a world where a fleeting childhood collides with a heritage born of adventure, violence and a world which wrenches him into manhood as he discovers the lost destiny of the Stewards.